Ecologie Vintage

Buy, Sell, & Trade




If you need a little bit of extra cash, or have been wondering how you can trade out your wardrobe for ours, then clean out your closet and bring in your new or gently used clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories. We give you cash on the spot or a store credit which is good for 60 days. 


When can I bring my items in?

No appointment is necessary!  Our sell & trade hours are Monday-Saturday, 11-6, and Sunday, 12-5.

How can I bring my items in?

As long as your items are clean and smoke-free, we will accept them in any form, from bags, to hangers, to suitcases.

How many items can I bring in at a time?

As many as you can carry in!   Usually we are able to look through your items immediately.  The amount you bring in determines how quickly we are able to finish going through them.  Just keep in mind that if you drop your items off and do not return by the time we close, we will have to donate them!

What brands do you accept?

We don't discriminate against brands!  Instead, we are looking for a specific style when we go through your items.  Brands play a role in how much we are able to give you for your items. 

What are you looking for?

We are always looking for what is on-trend and unique!  Ecologie has a very specific style that we would describe as a mix of boho, girly, vintage, and street style. We also take the utmost care in working to give you the best selection possible when you shop, so we are unable to accept any items that are too worn or have stains or holes in them.

How much can you give me for my items?

When selecting pieces from you, we place a retail value on each item.  That value will be the price that we will sell it for in-store. For each item, we will give you two different offers.  The first offer will be 30% of the retail value in cash, and the second will be 40% of the retail value in a store credit.  The cash offer will be good through the end of the day, and the store credit offer will be valid for 60 days.