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Welcome to a Vintage Adventure

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By Rachel Reese

It’s the first day of summer, which we’re pumped for of course, but it’s also the first day of our brand-new, online shopping experience!  And what’s a website without a blog?  Here you can stay in touch with and experience Ecologie like never before. Perfect for times when hectic schedules keep you away from the store, or if you live in another state or country.  We’ll be here to fill you in on crazy trends, street styles, easy DIY projects, ways we’re working on being green, interviews with local artists, and so much more!  If there’s anything you’d like for us to blog about, let us know!  Shoot your ideas on over to us at


Let us introduce you to five of our favorite looks this summer.  Not only are they hot in the fashion world, they’re all a piece of who we are, creating a unified, yet diverse whole – in a realistic, wearable way. In fact, we loved them so much we ended up shooting look books for all of them!  Want to know the details?  We’ve got it covered.  Let’s start with one of the looks we basically built our style on almost five years ago.



This is so much of who we are, and the bohemian vibes are catching like wildfire everywhere in the fashion world.  Spread in part by the huge music festivals during spring and summer, it’s heading back to the 1970’s with this one. Head pieces, sweeping skirts, worn-in boots, off-the-shoulder tops, and statement necklaces are must-haves.  It’s a little bit like a gypsy soul borrowed some Native American inspiration then rummaged through their mom’s old chest of treasures. We love it. It’s also a different bohemian look than even five years ago, so we’re constantly evolving and refining what “boho” means right now. 



Here we have a sister look to the boho style, but with cultural differences.  Let’s start with fringe on everything and anything!  There are also loads of hats, Victorian-inspired blouses and skirts, and of course, horses everywhere.  It’s a look that’s a little darker and dirtier than boho.  This girl will probably be lost in thought on a front porch somewhere in the Deep South with a book in her hands by Faulkner or Flannery O’Conner.  Some of us born in the South seem to wear it in our bones.



On the other extreme exists Sweet and Lovely.  The name is a dead giveaway to what you can expect, taking its dreaminess and doll-likeness from the styles of The Virgin Suicides.  Frail like porcelain and frocks as fragile as your grandmother’s china, we have lace and satin and chiffon in the prettiest of pales. Expect us to fall asleep in a field of flowers while wearing one of these pieces.



Yet another polar opposite exists in the bold, sunny, and reckless Summer Grunge.  If Sweet and Lovely is demure, think of grunge as diametrically opposed, finding brights in all patterns, wacky hair styles, loads of careless layers, and accessories meant to indulge the sweet tooth.  It’s like a pre-teen dream, revisiting middle school trends when looking and acting like a teenager seemed a lot cooler than it did when we grew up to be one.  We’ll be entertaining this one all summer long.



Lastly, we turn to a much more basic approach: minimalism.  It’s a classic look, going  undercover to be cool again. We see black, white, and gray teamed up in such clean lines that we might never go back.  It’s also anything but boring.  Minimizing excess leaves us to make a refreshing statement in whatever we’ve got on.  We might even acquire a few hints from menswear, seeing how their simple and more relaxed lines leave us feeling calmer without ever doing a single downward dog or sun salutation.

We’ll be updating you again soon with what we find enjoyable and interesting.  So, Keep getting your Ecologie fix here, and thanks for reading!

Written with love, the Ecologie girls