Ecologie Vintage

Festival Season 2016

Nancie VannComment

Summertime is almost here and so is festival season! This time of year, Ecologie Resale and Vintage specializes in getting you geared up in killer looks for whatever party or concert you are headed to.  Do you like the crop top look or a long flowing kimono? High waisted shorts or a floral romper? Styles for festival wear are always evolving, and now, it is officially okay to wear anything that makes you happy.  So, if you like it, wear it! Ecologie has distressed, vintage Levi's shorts for $24.99, tunics from India starting at $8.99, and vintage tops starting at $7.99.  Grab a tapestry to decorate your campsite or a Mexican blanket to simply hang out on.  Our curated collection of all things festival will put a smile on your face without breaking the bank.  All the girls at Ecologie are ready to style you for summer, so come in soon and get your festival on!